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Magento Features

Mobile Commerce

Magento Mobile puts your store in the hands of customers. We can create branded native storefront apps on iPhone, iPad and Android that seamlessly integrate with your online store. With the new Magento-mobile admin, you'll bring the functional powerhouse of Magento eCommerce to your mobile commerce channel, including full integration with your store's catalog, checkout, inventory, reporting, and much more!

Magento CE Shop

Magento eCommerce Platforms provide the scalability, flexibility and features for business growth.

Magento provides feature-rich eCommerce platforms that offer merchants complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality of their online channel. Control every facet of your store, from merchandising to promotions and more. Magento's feature-set and flexibility enable merchants to increase revenue.

Contao Open Source CMS

Accessible Open Source Content Managementsystem for people who want a professional internet presence that is easy to maintain.

The state-of-the-art structure of the system offers a high security standard and allows you to develop search engine friendly websites that are also accessible for people with disabilities.

Furthermore, the system can be expanded flexibly and inexpensively. Easy management of user rights, the Live Update Service, the modern CSS framework and many already integrated modules (news, calendar, forms, etc.) have quickly made Contao one of the most popular open source content management systems on the market.

Contao CMS Features

  • Advanced editing features
  • Powerful Site Structure
  • Fine-grained permission system
  • Flexible form generator
  • Full-text search engine
  • Built-in file manager
  • Built-in calendar module
  • Wide choice of additional modules
  • Easy live update